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Photo Favors

Are you still looking for that perfect party favor for your guests to take home?

Smile, Flash, Print Photo Booths now introduces photo frame party favors for your next event!

  • Throughout the years, we’ve attended numerous special events only to see that the party favors that the host spent so much money and time on, had been left behind.
  • There is no other party favor more unique and personal than a photo frame perfectly sized for your guests’ Smile, Flash, Print Photo strip.  Your guests will fall in love with this party favor, and they’ll be itching to steal their neighbor’s party favor as well!
  • These photo frames are perfect for displaying your special memories. Their hard acrylic and durable plastic enclosures will protect them from the elements for years to come.

We offer four unique photo frame options:

Book Sleeve Frames

These quality book sleeve photo frames are a perfect party favor, which are fun and affordable.  They are sized to fit your 2×6″ photo strip and they’re fully customizable with your choice of color ribbon.  They are clear-coated so that guests can insert their two favorite photos. A book sleeve photo frame can be used as a bookmark, a hanging decoration, or any other use you can think of.

Bookmark Sleeve

Vinyl photo strip sleeves :

  • Sleeves – $.50 each
  • Sleeves with ribbons – $.80 each


Magnetic Photo Frames

This exceptional magnetic photo frames option is a great option for your 2×6″ photo strip.  A magnetic photo frame is a fantastic party favor ideal for decorating your fridge.

Magnet Frame

Magnetic Frames $ 1.50 each

Vertical or Slanted Photo Frames

The premium vertical, or slanted photo frame option is a fantastic option for your 2X6″ photo strip.  A vertical or slanted acrylic photo frame is perfect for your office desk.  This highly durable stand is ideal for a beautiful aesthetic party favor that will remind your guests of the wonderful event they attended.

Slanted Frame

Vertical or Slanted Acrylic Frames $1.50

Table Setting  & Reminder Cards

Add a personal & perfect touch to your event with customized Place Settings and Table Reminder Cards!

These Place Settings and Reminder Cards can be placed inside free-standing photo strip frames, or custom cut bookmark sleeves.

Create your own personalized message, inviting guests to use the Smile, Flash, Print Photo Booth, and to thank everyone for joining you on your special day!

Guests are able to place their own photos inside the photo strip frames and bookmarks, turning photos into fun mementos or great favors!

Add a personal & perfect touch to your event with customized Place Settings and Table Reminder Cards!

Vertical Frame

Table Card Reminders $30 /up to 100